My poster of Gus Fring for the Breaking Bad viral campaign with Breaking Gifs, as seen here.

"We’ve Got Work to Do" (AKA: "Gus")

18”x24” 5 color screen printed poster with metallic inks.

Signed and numbered limited edition of 300 (200 originally available for purchase through Breaking Gifs, I have 50 APs)

Printed by D&L Screen Printing

Each order of the Gus poster comes with a free Walter White print:

"Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door"

9” x 12” 1 color screen print

Signed, stamped and numbered limited edition of 50

Printed by me, at Ghost Town studios

*Please note, the Walt print is not associated with the Breaking Gifs campaign or licensed. It’s just a small contrast piece that I did for fun to go along with the Gus poster that I’m packing in for free with each order.

Source: zombiebacons

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