Here’s my poster for the Breaking Bad viral campaign with Breaking Gifs. Sorry for the major spoiler, but shame on you, you should have been finished with season 4 of Breaking Bad already!! That show is awesome. If I totally just ruined the past season’s finale for you, well then, sorry. did a really nice write-up on the poster. On sale now here.

18”x24” 5 color screen printed poster with metallic inks. $50.

For those of you familiar with the show, the poster is of television’s most polarizing villain, Gus Fring. As you can see, I’m drawing a connection between the Pink Teddy Bear with his face half-blown-off that falls from the sky and into Walter’s pool. For the remainder of the series, the bear watches, judges, and taunts Walt. I felt like this was not only a parallel to Gus, but a foreshadowing of his fate. The background obviously represents the explosion that ultimately got the best of Gus, but is also a nod to the sheets of meth that get broken up in his lab. He is in a pose much like you would see on a body in a coffin, only Gus’ final bed is on the meth that ultimately led to his demise.

Source: zombiebacons

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