Some Assembly Required.

My poster for G1988’s Marvel Avengers art show which opens to the public tonight at 7:00 at their new location 7021 Melrose Ave. 24” x 36” six-color screen print, limited run. Make sure you get over there to get your copy and to check out art by all the talented artists invited to contribute work. It was really a dream come true to work on something like this. Much thanks to the kind folks over at Gallery 1988.

I approached this one a little differently than most “team superhero” posters. I wanted this to be more about their difficulties being a team, with each character portrayed in vignettes within a shattered Avengers “A” logo.

Check out these articles on Collider and Slashfilm about the show’s early preview last night, and go see Avengers this weekend! Assemble!

Source: zombiebacons

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